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Management Guidelines from Europe

Peutz–Jeghers syndrome: a systematic review and recommendations for Management

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Cancer risk in PJS – report from Italy

Cancer risk in PJS – report from Italy

Things are worse in Italy than elsewhere, especially for women. The risk of cancer in people with PJS is greatly increased over the risk for folks in the general population. Relative risk estimates are the number of times that a diagnosis is more likely to occur in someone with PJS over the general population.

So, yes, the risk of pancreatic cancer is 139.7 times higher in Italian folks with PJS. And for women, the rate is 245.4 times higher. While in men, it’s “only” 88.6 times higher.

Cancer risk increases with age for everyone, but for this group of Italians with PJS the cumulative risk (the risk of cancer by a certain age) is 20% by age 40; 43% by age 50; 71% by age 60 and 89% by age 65.

The authors included 119 PJS patients in the study and noted that 31 were diagnosed with cancers of gastrointestinal tract, female reproductive tract, pancreas, breast, thyroid (in order of frequency). There was one case each of liver cancer, skin cancer, brain cancer and testis cancer. The risk of pancreatic cancer and cervical cancer were especially high relative to the general population.

The authors discuss the possibility of surveillance for PJS patients and note that only 6 of 36 cancers were diagnosed during a PJS-specific surveillance, thus indicating that the management of these rare patients is still particularly difficult in our county.

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PJS Day in Netherlands - 8 June, 2013

In the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam is a PJS information day organized on 8 June, 2013. The registration fee for this day will be € 5 per person and includes a lunch. Information and registration can be done via email address

Pancreatic cancer risk in PJS - report from Netherlands

Pancreatic cancer risk in Peutz-Jeghers syndrome patients: a large cohort study
and implications for surveillance.

This recent report from the Netherlands follows 144 PJS patients for a combined total of 5640 person years. Seven patients developed pancreatic cancer and four patients were diagnosed with biliary duct or ampullary cancer.

From this data, the authors were able to estimate the risk of pancreatico-biliary cancer as 32% by age 70. This is 96 times the rate of pancreatic cancer for a person in the general population.

The authors also note in Table 1, Baseline characteristics of the Dutch PJS Cohort, that 48 of their 144 patients (33%) had died at the median age of 46 years and the median age of the 90 surviving patients was 37 years old. (note, six patients were lost to follow-up).

Based on the results of our current study, we recommend that PJS patients should be offered surveillance regardless of family history for PC, since all subjects with PC in our series had a negative family history of PC. Although the median age of PC onset in our cohort was 54 years, we propose that surveillance starts at the age of 30 years. This suggestion is based on the fact that two patients in our series developed cancer in the pancreatico-biliary region at a very young age (ages 35 and 36).

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