Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The PJS gene and multiple sclerosis

The PJS gene and multiple sclerosis

Please don’t worry about getting multiple sclerosis (MS) because you have PJS!

Please read on if you're interested in the research linking the PJS gene (STK11) to MS.

Incidence of Thyroid Abnormalities in Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome

Dear PJS friends,

Many of us have reported thyroid abnormalities, including thyroid cancer, yet we’ve been offered no recommended thyroid screening guidelines. My earlier report is here

Dr. Stratakis and other researchers at the USA NIH – – have included PJS patients in their larger clinical study of those with familial lentiginosis syndromes.

The following report is about their 19 PJS patients (3 females, 16 males) who were evaluated for thyroid abnormalities by ultrasound. 14 or 73.7% had abnormalities. “hypoechoic regions (7), nodules (5), cysts (4), regions of inhomogenous tissue (1), hyperechoic regions (1), and calcifications (1).”