Friday, February 26, 2010

Does race have anything to do with PJS?

PJS seems to affect people of all races and in all regions of the world.

For many years, I've been wondered whether PJS disproportionately affects people of any race. For answers, I first studied the medical literature (websites, journal articles and text books), then personal stories of PJS people around the world. Many years
ago a young African-American woman with PJS and I exchanged emails. She'd
had a rough time with PJS and I've since remembered her statement, "Life is
hard enough already and this isn't making it any easier." This further
sensitized me to how race affects medical care and access to care and even the
case reports written by doctors.

Breast and Gynecological Cancers in PJS Women

Scary stuff
Read at own risk

These are a few articles on the topic published between 2000 and 2010.
To read complete abstracts, go to
and enter PMID # into search box.

The PJS Gene & Endometrial Cancer in Mice

This isn't about PJS people, but genetically engineered mice!

Yet it's interesting because we know that we're at increased risk of
reproductive tract tumors and the authors explore some possibilities about why &
how. Also, they used rapalogs (like RAD001 and Rapamycin that we've discussed
here) to reduce endometrial cancer progression and shrink tumors in the
affected mice.

It's interesting to consider. Perhaps someday research and trials will help
us PJS folks, not just the PJS mice. :)


Summer Fun 2010! Weekend of June 26, 2010


Mark your calendars!

Scientists investigating the PJS gene, LKB1, might want to head to Marseille, France for a conference titled "The Tumor Suppressor LKB1" From Basic Science to Clinical Applications". June 24, 25 & 26, 2010.

On the same weekend, people whose lives are affected by PJS can enjoy the company of others at the second PJS Meet and Greet. We will gather on June 26 in Santa Rosa, California in the San Francisco Bay Area. Meet and Greet blog.